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Share your interesting SQL or PL/SQL experience on stage, on camera, or in print


If you have had interesting experiences with SQL or PL/SQL in your career, here’s your opportunity to share them on stage, on camera, or in print. Send your stories to and we’ll forward them to the SQL evangelists team headed up by Steven Feuerstein. You may be selected to tell your stories on stage at the YesSQL! presentation at the winter conference next Tuesday or your stories may be recorded on camera or they may even be printed in Oracle Magazine! C’mon, don’t be shy!

The editor of the NoCOUG Journal sent in the following stories:

“SQL has come a long way since I first began using it in the late ’80s. In my first job as an application developer, I had to summarize a huge amount of data in multiple ways. I wrote a Pro*C program and used binary search trees to maintain totals for different grouping columns so that I did not have to retrieve the same data multiple times. Today, that can be done in a single SQL statement with ROLLUP, CUBE, or GROUPING SETS. SQL rocks!”

“For most of my career I had not heard of the founder of relational theory, Dr. Edgar Codd, or read his papers. In fact, I did not fully understand relational theory until I read Codd’s papers a few years ago. We printed Codd’s first paper A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks in the 100th issue of the NoCOUG Journal. Since the paper was not available in text form, we had to type it all over again. And, because it used a lot of mathematical notation, we had to learn how to use the ‘LaTeX’ typesetting system. We reproduced the paper meticulously, even going so far as to reproduce the one misspelling ‘Pheonix’ that we found in Codd’s paper.”

“SQL is sometimes used for the wrong reasons. The high priest of PL/SQL, Steven Feuerstein, said in an interview for the NoCOUG Journal: ‘Some people can perform seeming miracles with straight SQL, but the statements can end up looking like pretzels created by someone who is experimenting with hallucinogens.’ The winner of the First International NoCOUG SQL challenge, Alberto Dell’Era from Italy, implemented ‘Discrete Fourier Transforms’ (!!) and ‘Fast Fourier Transforms’ (!!!!) to help the great ‘Wizard of Odds’ at ‘Hogwash School of Es-Cue-El’ solve the riddle of the ancient jade icosahedron found in the secret chamber of mystery!”

** This just in: Bring your camera! There will be a guided tour of the Oracle campus at lunch time. Take your picture in front of the amazing 130-foot high sailboat that won the Americas Cup, marvel at the pastries made by Chef Ian in the coffee shop in Building 300, chase the geese that make Oracle their home, walk around “Larry Lake” (the old Marine World lagoon), and buy a memento at the Oracle store in Building 500.

Please review the agenda and register now so that we can provide a count for catering. Some free passes are available for first-time NoCOUG conference attendees. If you would like to invite a co-worker (or even your manager) to go to the conference with you, please send an email to requesting a free pass.

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